Do you wish that you could be a child again?  Do you love amusement parks?  If so, "Ferris Wheel" is for you!  It brings back the warm memories of riding on a Ferris Wheel.  People who have viewed this piece say it brings out very happy memories.  Bring the power of fun and play into your home or office!

Ferris Wheel Spiritual Art signed by Bonnie Vent

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  • All of the mandalas are inspired by spiritual guidance.  This gives them a powerful positive energy pattern that you can bring into your home or office.  There are a variety of colors and energy patterns to fit your situation.  Simply choose the mandala that draws you in.  Rather in the same way as you would choose a crystal or stone, you will intuitively know which one to choose, or choose several.  Larger sizes are shipped unframed in a shipping tube.  Very affordable!!  See Testimonials