Do you wish that you could jump into a magical pool of water and regain your youth?  "Green Lit Pools" is inspired by the Sci Fi fantasy film "Cocoon."  You just have a feeling that something amazing is about to happen.  If you live a hectic life a little dip in this pool might be just the thing.  Makes a great conversation piece at work.  Bring the soothing energy of water into your home or office!

Green Lit Pools Spiritual Art signed by Bonnie Vent

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  • All of the mandalas are inspired by spiritual guidance.  This gives them a powerful positive energy pattern that you can bring into your home or office.  There are a variety of colors and energy patterns to fit your situation.  Simply choose the mandala that draws you in.  Rather in the same way as you would choose a crystal or stone, you will intuitively know which one to choose, or choose several.  Larger sizes are shipped unframed in a shipping tube.  Very affordable!!  See Testimonials