The Michael Jackson Tribute design will be a great conversation starter but also works well in hectic environments when needing to obtain an inner calmness.  Take a deep breath and focus on the design and observe anxiety melting away. 
Michael Jackson certainly had a hand in this art piece. I was making other pieces when he came in and asked that I make one for him. If you look closely you will actually see his hand in the design.

Michael Jackson Tribute Spiritual Art signed by Bonnie Vent

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  • All of the mandalas are inspired by spiritual guidance.  This gives them a powerful positive energy pattern that you can bring into your home or office.  There are a variety of colors and energy patterns to fit your situation.  Simply choose the mandala that draws you in.  Rather in the same way as you would choose a crystal or stone, you will intuitively know which one to choose, or choose several.  Larger sizes are shipped unframed in a shipping tube.  Very affordable!!  See Testimonials