Celebrity clients: living and dead

Being a well-known medium and chaneler does draw in celebrity clients.  Many people ask why would they come to Bonnie Vent.  When it comes to celebrities and regular spirit people on the "other side" they claim that Bonnie puts out a very bright light.  Apparently the brighter the light they see, the stronger the abilities of the medium.  Put in simple terms think of the internet reception bars on your phones and devices.  The more bars, the stronger the signal. "Can you hear me now?"  has a whole other meaning for medium Bonnie Vent.  The next key element seems to be the ability to get their message delivered.  This is relatively easy in the traditional sense where a living person(s) comes to the medium to connect with their loved ones.  When you are also a "Spirit Advocate" like Bonnie Vent, this task can be more difficult.  The spirit person has come to her and she must find and deliver the message to a living person or the masses.  With celebrities often that message delivery is to another celebrity.  In the case of: Michael Jackson the messages are for his fans and now the general public as he is sharing his insights from the "other side." 

Michael Jackson

Bonnie Vent has been in contact with Michael Jackson since his death in 2009. 


Note from Bonnie Vent: Recently Michael came to me with a request.  He wants to partner with me and the connection in order to continue to be of service to humankind.  He is very interested in reconnecting with people who have remained loyal to his messages while he was alive and since his death. How could I say no?  In many ways this will be an interesting experiment.  We will be starting with question/answer sessions.  Where this project will lead promises to be a very interesting journey.  There is an existing group for the connection on Facebook.  I asked the members to submit a spiritual question.  These are their questions and the answers are a combination of: The Connection, Michael and me.

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Marilyn Monroe

Bonnie Vent encountered Marilyn Monroe at both the Hotel Del Coronado and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  In this case Marilyn came directly through Bonnie Vent to talk about her afterlife and some of her favorite memories as well as a warning to those interested in getting into the Entertainment Industry. The session at the Hollywood Roosevelt was captured on camera.  The video is now available to the public for rental at Amazon.com

Bonnie Vent and Marilyn Monroe DVD

George Carlin

Most people would probably find this the most unlikely after death communication Bonnie Vent has received to date.  When you get into the details you see a different picture emerge.  This communication was also send to Loyd Auerbach in an inexplicable sequence of events that included ABC's The View. 

Bonnie Vent and George Carlin

This photo was posted by George Carlin's family.  It is his last wishes.

Davy Jones of The Monkees

David Jones passed away on February 29, 2012.   Bonnie Vent is also a celebity talent broker.  David was a celebrity client of hers.  Bonnie booked Davy Jones on "Bill O'Reilly's Back of the Book" segment.  He was the first client of Bonnie's to cross over from the celebrity booking business to after death communication with her.  He showed her the events of his death and that he was fine.  He also shared that everyone would play "Daydream Believer" as a tribute but that Bonnie should tell them to play: "When Love Comes Knocking at Your Door" instead.  If you listen to the words closely you can also see another message.  He is saying that going through the door to the other side was easy for him.  David is telling us among the living that he is in a loving and inviting place.  If you are like Bonnie, and grew up with this teen heartthrob's posters on your wall, you will understand how special and comforting this message is.   

Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter

I had the priveledge of delivering a message from Steve Irwin to his wife Terri Irwin.  The story has many twists and turns but it is all explained in the YouTube video below.  I do not normally reveal private messages but in this case I felt that enough had been done publicly to warrant going public with my involvement as well. You will notice that all of the evidence of after-life communication was sent to radio show host Rob McConnell ahead of the interview.  He acknowledges this is the most clear evidence that has ever been provided to him. 


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