August 23, 2020

Bonnie Vent is a medium/channeler

You may ask; Then what do I have that is sacred? Even in the 3D world you still have the ability to choose. Do not take this for granted. Choices require thought and in many cases some research as well as checking in with your guidance....

August 19, 2020

Bonnie Vent is a medium/channeler

It is no accident that we come to you on this day the 818 and new moon.  We just can’t seem to say change enough to you at this time.  You have spent the last cycle on yet another shedding of the old.  It very deep for those that partic...

July 26, 2020

Bonnie Vent is a medium/channeler

As the well beaten path falls away for many, a new path must be cleared. We hope you have been using this time to go within and find or develop the next phase of your life. Do not be afraid to try new things, change your mind, or as the...

July 18, 2020

Bonnie Vent is a medium/channeler

It is time for serious checking of facts, and we do not mean watching commentary on television. What is occurring is not what you are being told. For the spiritually aware, we want you to remember you came here at this time to rise to a...

June 27, 2020

Hi Everyone, it is Michael.

I am going to choose my words very carefully as this is intended to be public in nature. I purposely did not put out a message yesterday as there is no joy in my death anniversary.

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Bonnie Vent’s Offici...

June 23, 2020

Bonnie Vent is a medium/channeler

As this transitional time continues, it becomes more and more vital to take charge of your energy field. You will need to check in with yourself and make necessary adjustments. The energy fields in your environment are not stable. It i...

June 18, 2020


JUNE 28, 2020

6PM to 7PM PT 


Please join me for this Mini-Angel Card Reading Event. This is a LIVE Q&A session. You can request a card reading, ask a question or both. It is limited to 1 mess...