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There is so much negativity in the world around us.  We need a defense.  What better way to show you are a positive and capable person than wearing a positive message around your neck.  The "Choose Love" necklace and bracelet are hand-made in the United States.  They comes gift boxed so they are an excellent gift. It is subtle yet makes a powerful statement.  The dark cannot exist in the light.  Choose Love and you will be a happier more abundant person.  The metal choices are: sterling silver, 18K gold filled, 14K white gold, 925 sterling silver, Rose Gold. The necklace chain lengths range from 14-22 inches and the bracelet 5-1/2 to 9-1/2 inches. These are handmade with love in the USA. $45.00 for the necklace all sizes and metals and $50 for the bracelet. Want a different message or name?  Click the ORDER NOW button to customize your order.

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Choose Love Necklace

Irina says:  I bought the "Choose Love" necklace in silver. I wear it as a talisman for added protection and to attract positive energies around me.  I have received many compliments from my co-workers.


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All of the mandalas are inspired by spiritual guidance.  This gives them a powerful positive energy pattern that you can bring into your home or office.  There are a variety of colors and energy patterns to fit your situation.  Simply choose the mandala that draws you in.  Rather in the same way as you would choose a crystal or stone, you will intuitively know which one to choose, or choose several.  Available in 8x10 and 16x20.  Larger sizes are shipped in a shipping tube.  Prices start at $27.77.  Very affordable!!


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Michael Jackson Tribute Mandala

Jaxon says: This is the Michael Jackson tribute mandala. The first time I saw a photo of it I felt the energy shift. It was intense and inspiring. It was given to me as a gift. It's on the wall above my desk in my bedroom providing comfort and inspiration when I need a lift. Michael Jackson's hair doesn't look like that naturally in the photo of him and his kids that's beside the mandala. There was no glare when I took the photo. I believe it can only be explained by the energy emitted from the mandala itself. It's quite powerful and all in a good way.

Michael Jackson Tribute Mandala

Jane says: I placed my mandala in our kitchen by our Bamboo plants. When I look at it I am reminded of gratitude. Be grateful for the food I am preparing. Be grateful for the clean water that runs out of our faucet. Be grateful for my home and family. Looking at it helps to bring gratitude into my heart.

Golden Flowers Mandala

Leslie says: This is the Golden Flowers mandala.  As soon as I saw it there was a sense of comfort in the pattern and color scheme.  Having recently moved into a new home, it made perfect sense to hang a 16x20 version of the mandala in the entry way.  Not only is it a wonderful talking point when people visit, so often there are comments made about how nice the surrounding energy is. I also purchased a pillow version of the mandala to put on the couch and often find that people naturally gravitate towards it and even sit with it resting next to or on their laps. These mandalas are full of positive, flowing energy and create a very unique and welcoming feeling.  Having the mandala in the entry way across from the kitchen also means I get to benefit from the positive energy as I’m cooking meals and preparing for the day.  The sense of comfort and serenity this provides is priceless.

Michael Jackson Tribute Mandala

Irina says:  Michael's mandala was the first one and to date I purchased 3 lovely mandalas from Bonnie. I placed them at my work area to keep the stress and tension of my fast-paced work environment at bay. Anytime I feel I need to decompress I turn my attention to the mandalas and they cheer me up. The one created for Michael is especially uplifting and cheerful. I love the vibrancy of the predominant splash of red! I also noticed that two of my mandalas have been morphing colors where one of the colors has gotten much deeper while the other colors have remained constant. This does not appear to be a result of a light source as typically a change in colors within an artwork would affect all colors proportionately. This morphing of colors gives a sense of motion and a reminder that all around us is ever-vibrating energy.

Michael Jackson Tribute Mandala

Carmela says: My Michael Jackson tribute mandala holds a very special and honored space on my night stand. I see it before I go to sleep, and it's one of the first things I see when I wake up. Keeping it close to me this way, it has become connected to: peace, rest, and comfort. I find myself looking at it often, and it helps me to feel grounded. During the week, when I come home and kick off my shoes, trying to leave the crazy day behind me...when I look at my mandala I am immediately reminded of higher values, and the spiritual and deeper meaning of things. This mandala has become an important part of my day, and I suspect it watches over me at night, too. Thank you for this beautiful symbol of love, life, and the reminder that we are all connected.


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