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Actual readings by Bonnie Vent with validations and testimonials.

People often ask if this process really works. Actual clients who wish to share their experiences will tell you it worked for them. 

Julie's reading

Julie says:  My two questions both involve my best friend of over 30 years who exited this dimension in Feb of this year. I'd like to know:
Question 1: Did she hear me singing to her that last day at hospice?

Reading from Bonnie: She says the last day of hospice she was able to hear you but your singing blended into the experience that she was having so she was not as focused on it as she was before.

Question 2. Can she hear me when I talk to her now?

Reading from Bonnie: She asks that you please keep talking to her and that she will make an attempt to bring you into this garden while you are dreaming. I am also hearing “Don’t be silly, I told you I would” Does this make sense to you?

Validation from Julie: Absolutely. I made her promise to come back and fill me in. So I’d know all the rules when I got there. And we would laugh and laugh.

Reading from Bonnie: She says to breathe easy as she is breathing very easily now.

Validation from Julie: This is wonderful. She had a terrible time breathing before she made her exit - she told me that air hunger was the very worst thing you could have. I am so glad she is no longer struggling to breathe. She had have to have her left lung removed and she was on oxygen continuously for months before she made her exit. I am so glad she is no longer struggling to breathe. It frightened her so to be so short of breath, and this distressed us greatly that she struggled so to breathe. And this is so like her to be concerned about us worrying about her.

Reading from Bonnie: She is giving me an image of a beautiful garden with very large butterflies.















 The view from her kitchen window over the sink

Reading from Bonnie: She says to tell you that she now walks in this garden whenever she wants to.  It is the prettiest thing she can imagine.

Response from Julie: Oh Bonnie, this gave me chills. At her house she had what she called her "Fantasy Forest" which was a wooded area right next to the house full of those animals made from metal you know? I think it's called 'yard art'. Anyway, the last couple of months, she couldn't go into her 'Forest' and look at it. I know exactly what she is saying! She had her husband go out into her 'Fantasy Forest' and get several things they had made for it and tried to give them to me. I told her I didn't want to be taking her STUFF, you know? Her answer to me was "Look, I know I'm never going to get to go out there anymore and work in it, and I want you to have them.(I also have a Fantasy Forest) So when you told me what she said about being able to go in the garden whenever she wanted to, this just cemented the fact to me that you were TALKING to her, cause I know exactly what she is saying!

Reading from Bonnie: She wants you to be at peace with her process and that she will share what she can.  She said she is new to this so please be patient.

Response from Julie: We had talked about this too. I told her that I looked at it as if we were going to the biggest James Taylor concert ever, and that her job was to go in first and get us good seats. Then report back to me and fill me in on ‘all the scoop’ We would laugh and laugh about it
Reading from Bonnie: She says that you already know she is ok and that you are just looking for a little bit of extra confirmation.  She says that you had some discussions about her leaving.

Response from Julie: Yes, we did, several times. Even though she didn't want to because it made her cry lol. She didn't like to cry. But I would make her talk about it, always with the reassurance that she would let me know she was OK when she left. She knew this was EXTREMELY important to me, that and I wanted her to be there to meet me when I make my exit.

Reading from Bonnie: She did her best to make everyone comfortable.  

Response from Julie: She always thought of everyone else first. She told me one day that when people asked her how she felt, she would always say “Good, I’m good, because if they care about me, and I tell them I feel bad, then that makes them feel bad, and I don’t want to do that.”

Reading from Bonnie: She wants you to know that leaving is not a big deal once you decide to let go.


Response from Julie: (She knew that…)I wanted her to be there to meet me when I make my exit. This sounds exactly like something she would say.


Julie's testimonial: I hope that telling my part of this will help someone to decide to contact Bonnie, that it might somehow convince him or her to take the plunge and reach out to her if they were doubtful or just needed a little push. I say to those people: DO IT!

You will NOT regret it, you will be shown that she is genuine and real, you will be taught the same lesson that I learned back on August 6, 2016: We do not die, we just move on to another place, it is NOT over, and there ARE people like dear, wonderful Bonnie whose talent is there for those brave enough to ask. I encourage anyone who had the stamina to read through this to just DO IT, CONTACT HER. She is REAL. I bet my very life on that. And it was the best thing that I have ever learned. August 6, 2016 was a very good day.

Julie's Reading Verification

Missy's reading experience

Missy's Reading Verification

Missy says: I contacted Bonnie after she came highly recommended from a family member. My daughter, now 12, lost her father when she was only 8 months old. She has struggled a bit in life wondering whether or not he could see her. When we contacted Bonnie, that was one of our main questions and we asked for some sort of validation concerning that question. When Bonnie got back to us she let us know that her dad said he loved the "blue dress with ruffles" and something about light up shoes. I burst into tears upon reading those words. My daughter wore a blue ruffle dress to her first winter ball and had asked me for a pair of light up shoes literally days before I contacted Bonnie. I forwarded Bonnie's response to my daughter to read on her own and after she was finished she fell into my arms sobbing. Happy tears of course. What Bonnie gave her through this reading is priceless in my opinion. Bonnie is for sure the real deal and I recommend her to anyone seeking validation and comfort that our loved ones are indeed still with us and watching over us from the other side.

Actual dress mentioned in Missy's reading.

Jaxon's reading experience

Jaxon says: I asked a question about my experience with astral travel. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing and feeling were just visions or actual experiences as I travelled. The answers I received brought comfort and clarity about my travels as well as some security and confidence to continue exploring them further.

Jaxon's Reading Verification
Jaxson Reading
Dale's Reading Verification

Dale's reading experience

I received 2 Email Readings from Bonnie, concerning a spirit visitation that occurred in 2001. The Readings from Bonnie were very enlightening.  They provided very deep messages that touched me personally. Plus rereading the Readings, seems to provide more information each time they were reread. I would highly recommend anyone to request a reading for issues in their lives. Dale, Fountain Valley CA

Jane's Reading Verification

 When I decided to do an email reading I asked Bonnie a couple of questions about my loved ones who had crossed over.  The answers I received back  weren't the answers I expected.  Time has given me the opportunity to read them over and over and really think about them.  And what a gift!   Now I find the messages to be so meaningful knowing my loved ones stay close and see me and my experiences while I'm here on Earth.  So I encourage anyone who is contemplating a reading to please give yourself a gift and do it with Bonnie. You won't be disappointed.  She is the real deal!!!  It is a fascinating journey and real magic!


Jane's reading experience

Jasmine's reading experience

Cloud Angel

Jasmine says: During the Q&A channeling session, I asked a question regarding feeling "out of sync" with my physical body, and sleep travel ... sometimes feeling that I was just getting back from somewhere when I woke up! My question being, "Can you help me understand why this is happening?" The information that I received back through Bonnie's channeling Q&A session was amazing! It help me feel a little less uneasy about what I was experiencing, gave me a better understanding and helped me look at these occurrences as a gift! It allows me to get away from, or better deal with the major stressors that I'm under on a regular basis, as well as often reveals things to me that I need to know!

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Abigail's Testimonial

"Your reading really makes sense to me and has helped me so much...I keep reading it again and I'm amazed...I truly appreciate all that you do to help people. You have a real gift, I just feel lucky to be able to know about it! "


Abigail is right, everyone should know and feel the way she does about her reading.

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