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Bonnie Vent has become an internationally known medium and channeler for her work with celebrities both living and dead.  As a "Spirit Advocate" she has delivered messages for celebrities such as:  Michael Jackson, Steve Irwin, George Carlin and more.  She has also performed field research at historical sites to correct some well-known legends and assist the people involved in these stories.  Simply put: delivering messages from: angels, guides and loved ones is just what she is naturally wired to do.  Her services are also available to you! 

Channeling Sessions:

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Channeling on YouTube

with Bonnie Vent and The Connection

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With all the negativity in the world around us we need a place to gain back our peace and receive some high level guidance on moving forward in our lives with balance.

The Connection is a group that through the use of channeling via Bonnie Vent is here to assist us in gaining a safe distance from the negativity while also looking for positive opportunities and new pathways.  We wish to gather like-minded people together as it makes the experience more powerful.    Whether you are just starting to feel there is more to life than what you see or you are seeking to learn more, these sessions are for you.

Bonnie Vent
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