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NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Quick and convenient. Submit 2 questions of your choice to medium and channeler Bonnie Vent. She is naturally wired to connect you with loved ones as well as angels and guides and life coaching advise.


SKU: ereading
  • E-Mail readings are fast and convenient.  No appointment is necessary.  Now available in both text and audio readings.  Audio readings tend to have more emotion and feelings than the text version. You can submit your (2) questions anytime and from anywhere.  Bonnie Vent has been providing this service since 2003. She will email your reading back to you in either text, mp3 audio file or both. People often ask if this process works as well as other methods.  In some ways it is bettter. There are no distractions, just 100% pure messages, whether it be from loved ones or divine guidance. This quick and convenient method is also much more affordable for 2 questions of your choice.  You can ask about: loved ones, your life path, whatever you like.  Your energy and your connections are transmitted when you hit the send button. Your payment and questions will be submitted directly to Bonnie Vent for a response.  Please allow up to 5 business days for the response to your questions.   See Testimonials

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