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Channeler Bonnie Vent's temperature drops 5 degrees when channeling starts and ends during a liv

Channeler/medium Bonnie Vent and author/radio show host Marla Brooks started a new live streaming show on YouTube. This show features Bonnie Vent live channeling with a group, known as: "The Connection" with Marla Brooks moderating questions from the live chat audience.

For the first time Bonnie Vent was monitored while she channeled by Cynthia Sweeney and her husband PJ. A very interesting temperature drop occurred exactly timed with the beginning and ending of the channeling session. Cynthia and PJ were seated several feet away and brought all of their own equipment. During the broadcast PJ decided to close a door that was off camera but in the line of sight of Bonnie Vent while she channeled. She has no memory of this event and did not move or react to the movement, not once, but twice.


Here are Cynthia Sweeney's comments taken from her Facebook page:

Cynthia Sweeney


Great experience. We did not catch anything on: EVP, EMF or Full spectrum camera. We did however, find Bonnie’s body temperature dropped 5 degrees instantly for a second when she began channeling. During her channeling we had a few personal experiences, I had great pressure on my forehead and right side of my head. This has happened to me before during channeling circles at church. PJ experienced heat on his back when the session ended. Bonnie’s temperature dropped 5 degrees instantly for a second again once she ended her channeling. Harlee, Bonnie’s dog, remained perfectly content and asleep on Bonnie’s lap during this experience. Over all it was a great experience. I look forward to more in the future.


You can watch the archive of the live broadcast here:

Go to for more information.

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