10 Things You Must Consider Before Seeing a Psychic Reader

Reader's Digest Article featuring medium Bonnie Vent


Keep an open mind

Clients should expect the unexpected, says Bonnie Vent, a San Diego-based medium. “I never know what will come through for clients or what it means to them. I prefer to start with the client’s questions so that we can get down to the purpose of their session,” she says.

Get the right vibes

Do your research to find a psychic or reader: Interview more than one, and read online reviews about them, advises oxygen.com. It’s a personal decision, so take the time to find a good match.

Ask for a referral

Try to get a recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague, suggests Cindi Sansone-Braff, a psychic reader, medium, and Tarot-therapist in Long Island, New York. Once you have a name or two, Google them and see what comes up (obviously you’re not going to visit someone named in a fraud claim). Next, visit the person’s website. “Take some time to look it over