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[Collaborations with Spirit interview series] Activate Your Soul’s Blueprint (check this out!)

Coming August 19, 2019

Collaborations with Spirit 21+ Channeled Messages to Activate Your Energy System and Create From Divine Flow.

Make sure you sign up for this inspiring video interview series. It is free to those who use this link: You will receive a notification/reminder to watch this series on your favorite device. I am providing a special discount code for my spiritual art work to those who watch, so stay tuned. (Pun intended)

As a person with spiritual discernment, you are probably aware that you have psychic, creative, and intuitive gifts. You may not be aware of how to activate them. We are living in an exciting time, RIGHT NOW, where you get to REMEMBER who you are! You get to remember your divinity, make contact with that divine self and own your mission as CREATOR and VISIONARY!

Today, collectively, we are experiencing major energetic shifts on the planet. This is the Golden Age! You may be ready to take a leap of faith and understand more than ever– what the next steps are in taking action for how you participate in the expansion of consciousness on the planet… The time is now, and we don’t have any to waste.

You would probably love nothing more than to trust yourself, and your connection to Spirit. To enjoy a life of joy, freedom and service? To fully accept your divinity and allow your Heart to guide you?

But maybe you are not quite sure how to get from where you are now, to that MAJOR VISION that you hold in your heart as your mission. Or, maybe you don’t have the support you need, Or, you are always second guessing your intuition (or even that you are gifted in the first place)…

Let me tell you- YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN activate your highest potential, heal on a DNA level, and discover specific and accessible processes for expanding consciousness and connecting to High Frequency Guidance! AND BIRTH YOUR NEXT CREATION!

Learn all of this and more when you join me and over 23 other major influencers August 19th for Collaborations With Spirit: 21+ Channeled Messages To Activate Your Energy System and Create From Divine Flow, a complimentary interview series hosted by my friend and colleague, Christina Marie Miglino— Shaman, Energy Intuitive and Creative Channel.

Reserve your spot here, now, at no cost:

Activate Your Divine Creator Self Now!

When you go to the link above and join us for this powerful series of channeled messages and conversations with wayshowers, mystics, energy intuitives, channels, and visionary artists who have developed and downloaded their life’s mission by tuning into their divine connection to Spirit, you will get accessible tools, practical advice and brilliant Spirit guided messages for how to activate your energy system, create from divine flow, and trust Spirit (and yourself).

Specifically, Collaborations With Spirit will support you with:

  • How to recognize that your higher guidance is connecting with you all the time

  • How to lead a Heart-Centered life

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs and tune-in to your highest available light frequency

  • Practical tools for aligning, and activating your energy system to hold the light

  • Experiential downloads that will jump start your soul’s blueprint and have you connecting to your mission in minutes!

  • Living an inspired life of Love, Trust, Surrender, Joy, Abundance and Freedom

  • One critical key for working in the Divine Feminine energies to support your creative process (you don’t want to miss this! It is profound!)

  • And so much more…

The short and sweet of it is, you will learn how to claim your power, transmute lower vibrations and limiting patterns that no longer serve you, align with your intuition, and LEAD your life through surrendering to Spirit!

Christina is the perfect host for this series. She has had many awakenings in her life. It all started with a near-death experience at 8 years old. While she was hospitalized, two enormous angels appeared to Christina and told her that she was going to live through this physical crisis and go on to teach people from a place of understanding deep suffering and that we can transmute it!

You can imagine how it wasn’t always easy for her to relate to other young people after that. Her second awakening happened in her 20’s after getting herself out of an abusive relationship. The relationship had brought her to her knees— a dark night of the soul was the catalyst for the beginning of her own healing journey through shamanic work and energy medicine. She had an amazing spiritual teacher and mentor supporting her at this time. She then had a whole family of guides present themselves to her as she called back her power and began to heal. Her third awakening was after her sister passed away 3 years ago. She acted as her Death Doula and held energetic space for her sister’s soul to move on. Christina’s same angel family (The Pleiadians), came in to support her transition.

The awakenings continue still, with the most recent being waking up to herself as the creative channel she has always been. Her teachings are infused with messages from many guides and soul groups including The Pleiadians, The Arcturian Council, and incarnations of the Goddess, including Mary Magdalene and The Sisterhood of the Rose.

Christina’s journey has been a powerful one. She has now fully awakened to her psychic and creative gifts and how they are meant to serve as many people as possible, by raising our vibratory frequency, serving through channeled messages from the guides, and midwifing powerful women’s visions into the world.

Now, Christina is committed to her mission. To serve and empower the starseeds, empaths, wayshowers, lightbearers, priestesses and leaders of the New Earth, in recognizing that we can shed our karma and past wounds easier than ever today, and step more fully into the light and aligning with our soul’s calling! There is more Love, Joy, Connection and Abundance that comes from living a life lead by our Hearts. And this is what Christina is committed to for everyone. To hold each person high and remind them of their connection to Spirit. And that the time is now! If you are feeling the deep call to action within your heart, you are not alone! We get to birth the New Earth through Unity Consciousness!

I am really thrilled to watch this series myself, and excited to be a speaker on it. I hope to see you there!

Finally: Step Into Your Highest Vibration and Trust Your Heart

Remember, Collaborations With Spirit begins August 19th, and you can listen in from anywhere! We have come together for this Global Movement to support you in living your most aligned, spiritually inspired, empowered life and getting clear on what Spirit and your higher self are asking of you in order to make major moves into the next level on your soul’s journey.

To surrendering to Spirit and living in creative flow,

P.S. Each moment of this beautiful life is a gift. Don’t waste one more second thinking you don’t have what it takes, or that you don’t deserve to birth your big vision into the world! Not living in collaboration with Spirit? Let’s change that right now. Create a life of deep meaning, divine guidance, playing your mission full out. Find out how by joining the Global Movement, Collaborations With Spirit: 21+ Channeled Messages To Activate Your Energy System and Create From Divine Flow, starting August 19th.

Reserve your spot here, at no cost:

Align With Your Mission—And Serve!

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