NBC Buys Haunted House Drama From ‘Paranormal Activity’ Writers & Bonnie Vent's work on the

Many people know the original film "Paranormal Activity" was filmed right here in San Diego County. So what does a studio do for publicity for the film when your lead actors are left hanging in the film? You can't really have them out publicizing the film as their appearance in public is a giant spoiler alert. This is where I come in. I am often asked to be the counter balance (voice of reason) of such horror films. Even though the "Paranormal Activity" website clearly stated the film was not real, or based upon any real events, I received hundreds of emails asking if the lead actors were alive or dead. The house in RANCHO PENASQUITOS, CA was put up for sales as the "scariest house in San Diego County" in 2015. Once again I received emails asking was it haunted. Nope! It is just where a horror film was made. I did this interview below to promote the first film in the "Paranormal Activity" franchise. As a side note this interview was filmed live. They decided to move the segment up at the last minute, so I was receiving frantic messages to hurry to the studio. The segment producer and I literally ran from the parking lot into the set as I went sliding into the chair like it was home base, just in time for the them to toss to us. No pressure!

I thought you might be interested in this article. It appears a scripted haunted house television show is in the works. I really like the premise.


By: Nellie Andreeva

NBC is developing a haunted house procedural drama from a team with genre credentials, Jason Pagan & Andrew Deutschman, writers on the fifth Paranormal Activity movie, and Vertigo Entertainment, whose credits include the A&E’ series Bates Motel and The Grudge horror movie franchise. Universal Cable Prods. is the studio.