Do the spirits of our pets visit us?

Photo courtesy of Monika Helgemo

Note from Bonnie Vent: People often ask me about their pets who have crossed over. They want to know if their beloved pets are OK and will they see them again. It does seem that they arrive in the same place that we do. I have a channeled story from a young girl who died from a prolonged illness. She talks about her life review and that her dog that had crossed before she did, came and jumped into the chair with her. She was so happy to see her beloved pet and the loyalty between the two survived. What follows are stories from people who have had visitations from their pets. Enjoy!

By Joan Morris |

PUBLISHED: December 26, 2016 at 7:00 am | UPDATED: December 26, 2016 at 9:10 am

A few weeks ago I ran a column about a cat that appeared to be seeing ghosts, and I commented how I sometimes had felt my late cat jump on the bed and curl up next to me. Today, I’m running letters from folks who have had similar eerie experiences.

DEAR JOAN: Your letter from the man whose cat kept intensely watching the corners of the ceiling after his companion cat disappeared, made me think of something my Morris does frequently. He sits on my lap every evening, sort of facing me at times. He will stare intently over my shoulder and his eyes widen as he becomes very still. I feel foolish, but every time, I look back and ask, “What do you see, Morris?” Needless to say, he doesn’t tell me, he just keeps staring into the kitchen until I am convinced an ax murderer is tiptoeing ever closer to my back. It takes me 10 minutes for my heart rate to settle down while Morris then makes a tur