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Leaving the Spiritual Nest and Returning to Base State - Bonnie Vent Channeling - Session 41

Welcome Dear Ones,

We would like to talk about healing and your thought processes. Some says to us that they feel stuck while they are receiving opportunities and dismissing them. Your comfortable box is going to become less comfortable going forward.

Rather like the baby bird leaving the nest, you were never intended to sit in the nest and never leave. It is time to drop the notion that something is meant for someone else, and you cannot do it. We understand the fear that was programmed into you, dear one. But it is a program. It can be changed by the power of your own intention.

This can also be confusing for those venturing forward at this time. You may get knocked down, but it is imperative that you get back up and start moving forward to the best of your ability. Listen to your guidance, they will not abandon you.

You are dearly loved and please breathe in this feeling. Do not listen to harshness in others. That is for them to sort out and it has nothing to do with you and your journey.

You hold the light, and nothing can diminish that light. The path is not well traveled, and you will have obstacles.

The suggestion would be to develop a base state. What do we mean? A base state is a state of being with only you and your guidance. Base state is not affected by outside energy. It is a place to dust off your adventures and incorporate what works and shed what does not. Base state is your true energy essence. It is your pillar, your tree, whatever symbol you wish to provide. Your base state does require maintenance as you sort out what to keep and what to throw away, you create a polish and shine to your light. Lifting any distortions from your energy field so that it shines brightly to guide your path as you break new ground.

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirt on you and you will need to dust yourself off and shake loose past pains and fears. They will be coming up to the forefront at this time. We hope that by telling you ahead of time that you will then be aware and not fall into the same old programming. There is no need and the quicker your recover from these experiences the fast you will move in the right direction.

Try to remain playful while exploring new experiences. Set a positive tone in everything you create. You will need to release the outcomes and perhaps reset again with a new perspective. Please remember to return to base state and to ground yourself in nature. Wipe your feet before entering, dear ones. It is your sacred space and only you are allowed to create in this space.

Until we meet again

Thank you for joining us today if you'd like more information or to support this work please see the links in the description below this video and join us at

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