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Energy update - How to Find Core Purpose - Bonnie Vent Channeling - Session 43

Connection Channeling Session 02/16/19 EP43

Welcome Dear Ones,

We would like to discuss the concept of purpose. Many are still asking about their purpose. Please know that the fact that you are asking means you have achieved a level of awareness. Congratulate yourself. So many are criticizing themselves over this topic, while others claim confusion and a lack of knowing.

We would like you to simplify this process and not overthink to the point of doing nothing. You are much more powerful than the culture has led you to believe. Please take a moment to really hear this statement. It is the first step. Once you know that your energy makes a difference and is important you can go to the next step. Spend whatever time you need here to clear out what you are not. All of things the outside world told you and not necessarily the truth of the matter. If they do not bring a positive feeling you need to throw them away or neutralize them with your own power of discernment. Ask yourself if what you were told feels true. If it feels like punishment, then concentrate on getting rid of it. Many have been spending a lot of time in the clearing process and then wake up one day and they feel empty. This is not a bad thing, dear one. Please resist the temptation to fill back up with the very things you deemed as not feeling good. Once your field is clear, you can start to think about what you are naturally good at. Do not consider money in this process. So often we hear I am good at this thing, but it does not pay the bills. That thinking ruins this process, so please set aside the money issue for now. You chose those natural abilities before you came into this life. They are extremely important. Spend time identifying what they are.

Now, think about how it would feel to really perform those natural abilities as part of your daily life. Some will feel better than others. It can be subtle, but you should be able to feel a difference. Which ones would you do joyfully, no matter what? That is core purpose revealing itself to you. Start there and work your way forward. Perhaps you like to make things, or maybe communication and helping others brings joy and perhaps many things bring this feeling. Try them all and explore what feels the best. Being happy causes a natural contribution to those around you. It is this natural gift or gifts that are the most useful to yourself and everyone you touch. Go and create abundance from this happy place and watch the ripple effect, there is no better purpose or contribution.

Until we meet again

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