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Somewhere in Time with a twist - An after death chat with Thomas Edison about the psycho-phone devic

It is funny how old things can come back and are renewed. I am back doing e-mail readings again. This time with all the latest technology and convenience of mobile devices but still with a very personal touch.

This interview resurfaced recently, (please view the video). The psycho-phone device is from the 1920's. I did a lot of research on this device and was asked to do an interview. Since this interview was filmed we have discovered: the inventor, the company that manufactured the device, and its function.

Thomas Edison

There is still a mystery about what device Edison might have been working on and apparently Tesla had a little invention of his own. I still prefer the natural process of mediumship, as it is very comfortable for me. To make a very long story shorter I was able to communicate with Thomas Edison and ask him some engineering questions that came from an e-mail reading back in 2003. My former research partner put a white paper together and did include this conversation with Thomas Edison via mediumship in the paper.

I must say that it feels like science is heading more in my direction. Here are some very rare photos that were put out by the inventor and the Psychophone Co. Inc.

and more information about the device.

Jesse Shepard aka Francis Grierson

I am aware that other devices are being developed even to this day. Back in Edison's time he explained that he asked at least one very famous medium (Jesse Shepard aka Francis Grierson) how the natural process worked so that he could attempt to replicate the process into a machine. There is another mystery from the medium's side. Francis Grierson's final book was entitled: "Psycho-phone Messages." I now have a copy of the book and many famous names appeared to have delivered channeled messages. The mystery is: Was a device used or is the medium referring to himself as a Psycho-phone? Jesse Shepard died in 1927.

Perhaps one day soon we will figure these mysteries out. One thing we know for sure is that Thomas Edison did not invent this device.


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