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Life After Death: Consciousness Continues In Alternate Universe After Dying, Scientist Claims

Note from Bonnie Vent. I just love articles where science meets what my guidance has been telling me all along. "The Connection" has talked about our loved ones being in a parallel dimension (universe) right next to this one. This explains quite easily how I am able to connect to loved ones who have crossed over into this other dimension during readings. I agree that we have been taught differently and it can limit our experiences. There is so much we have yet to explore. I am so glad for brave scientists that explores these realms and ideas.

Does life after death exist? Yes, it does! Scientists have now claimed that consciousness continues in an alternate universe after Death. Death is just an illusion according to an astonishing theory!

Death An Illusion Only

There is no such thing as death. According to scientist and theoretician Dr. Robert Lanza, the body may die but the person’s consciousness will not. He calls the process ‘biocentrism’ and believes that our minds exist through the energy contained in our bodies. The consciousness continues on when the body dies.

According to Express, Lanza’s theory says that death is just a common belief derived from what we were taught. However, death is just an illusion. The theorist’s claims resonated with Albert Einstein’s famous theory that “energy can’t be destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.”

Consciousness continues in a parallel universe after Death!

According to Lanza, “there are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe.”

With this thinking, he believes that the consciousness continues existing in a parallel universe after death.

According to an October report from Truth theory, Lanza is not a newbie to this controversy of life and death. For decades he has been researching with cloning and stem cell research.

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His new book on “BioCentrism” is attracting a lot of controversy.

According to his study, if no linearity between space and time exists, then death can’t exist in any real sense as well. He personally feels that we give a lot of burden to our rational minds. Doing this, we overlook a world that exists alongside.

So, Lanza’s final point of view is that nothing exists without consciousness. What we see is just a perception. What we see is just an information within our consciousness. This consciousness just exists in a body that is inevitably self-destructing.


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