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KUSI News Interview of: Haunted Hot Spots around San Diego, CA with Bonnie Vent

This interview was done several years ago. It is a very interesting experience to sit up at the news desk. They do not tell you anything about the interview ahead of time, so is pays to know your topic and be able to talk from experience.

The first part of the interview is a clip from a television show pilot called "Destination America." It also featured Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) as the host and was about interesting travel locations within the United States. In this case we hopped on the original "Ghosts and Gravestones" tour and filmed at several famously haunted locations. The tour people did their best to be accurate about the stories they told the tour guests. I always admired them for that. Little did I know that my research at the Villa Montezuma was mentioned on the tour. As we rolled up to the Villa everyone on the bus was shaking my hand and taking pictures of me and asking me about my experiences there. Pretty funny because I was with Butch Patrick who seemed very happy not be the source of attention this time. Another thing to note is as I am sitting up at the news desk I am seeing a monitor that is playing background (B-Roll) of several haunted locations in the San Diego area. It was a very lucky thing that I noticed this monitor so I could tailor my answers to what the viewers at home were seeing on their televisions. This show is LIVE so any mistakes remain. You can also tell that I know very little about the Beautiful Stranger of Hotel Del Coronado fame. I had not done any research there, but I sure did later. My former research partner found this interview interesting because having prior knowledge is not good from a research point of view. The Villa Montezuma closed in 2006 and the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour that I attended also closed down. Additional research was also done on Whaley House and as it turns out there is no evidence of a gallows on the property at any time. Yankee Jim Robinson was most likely hung in El Campo Santo cemetery which is a few blocks down the street from the house. You have to be careful about taking for granted that people running these locations are providing accurate information. Not all of them are concerned about accuracy when a good legend works better for their marketing plan.

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